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Life can be really stressful. Between your job, children, neighbors, car trouble, various payments, and other stressors, you can feel run down and tense. My massage therapy techniques are meant to help you relax and forget your troubles for a little while. With the help of a massage therapist at Annes2Hands in Boynton Beach, FL, you can unwind and take some alone time to heal and rejuvenate.

When you come into my practice for a massage, you get customized care to specifically target whatever area of your body troubles you and causes the most pain. We can loosen your shoulders, knead your legs and feet, or massage your entire body for a full feeling of bliss. We offer different kinds of massage for you to choose from, so read below to learn more about the different types.

You deserve some time to forget life’s cares. Come to Annes2Hands today to experience the benefits of massage therapy. Call us at (414) 737-5189.

Relieve Tension


A good massage relaxes your muscles, eases and soothes away those aches and pains, AND relieves tension.  Internal toxins are removed  The natural flow of internal toxin removal is restored to your muscle cells.  It rejuvenates you...bringing balance back to your body and to your life. 

Everyone's life is different, and every body deals with stress differently. 

Here at Annes2Hands  Tel: (414) 737- 5189

Benefits of Anne's 2 Hands


I offer customized massage to provide you with the maximum relaxation and the maximum relief from your individual stresses.

I believe that a massage should be the most relaxing part of your week!  The last thing I want is for you to have stress about getting to your massage appointment... So, I offer flexible appointment times to fit even the busiest schedule.

Anne's 2 Hands   Tel: (414) 737- 5189

Annes2Hands Offers Several Types of Massage



Swedish massage is a fantastic method for melting away tension in your body. You’ll also experience an increase in blood flow. This type of massage is therapeutic in many ways because it improves your body’s flexibility, decreases toxins in your muscles, and increases blood oxygen levels.



Sports Massage focuses on injuries, such as pulls, tears, strains or just soreness after excersise.


Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue Massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle that can hold toxins and tension. The masseur pushes much harder and also uses pressure points to relieve the muscles. 



Meridian Massage focuses on relaxation. Meridian is hypnotic, and sensuous.  This is a massage style from India that uses energy to rejuvenate your body and emotional state.



Foot Massage focuses on...well, the feet. Nothing better for tired legs!


Cranial and Facial

Cranial Massage focuses on the head and neck - also very relaxing and hypnotic.  Anne includes facial massage with cranial massage.

Personal Fitness Training

Personal Fitness Training is offered for beginners such as using light weights, cardio walking,and core exercises. 

For those that are ready for more advanced training, jogging, running and boot camp style training is available.

Annes2Hands   Tel: (414) 737- 5189


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